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Griffo Stony Point Whiskey

Griffo Stony Point Whiskey

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High-rye bourbon mash bill of organic corn, rye and barley. Open-air fermentation, on the grains, for rich character of local terroir. Distilled in our custom, American-made, Vendôme copper pot-still. Aged in French and American Bordeaux-style oak barrels. 94 proof 750mL bottles.

"This whiskey is fresh & grain-forward, with its corn & cereal notes allowed to shine." - Virginia Miller, The Perfect Spot

Nose : Soft vanilla, hazelnut, light tangerine.

Fore Palate : Clean cereal notes and slight nuttiness from organic grains.

Mid Palate : Marzipan, peach custard, rich caramel

Finish : Spicy rye, cigar box, ginger and a lingering sweetness.

Proof : 47% ABV

Origin : Sonoma County, California, USA