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Griffo Stout Barreled Whiskey

Griffo Stout Barreled Whiskey

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Distilled from our our own house-made stout beer - Bourbon mash bill with roasted malts for a coffee, chocolate profile. Aged in new, charred American oak barrels. Finished in used stout beer barrels from Lagunitas Brewery. 90 proof, 750mL bottles

"Roasted malts added to a Bourbon mash create that beloved coffee, chocolate stout profile." - Jenny Griffo, co-founder

Nose : Fresh fig and chocolate.

Fore Palate : Coffee bean and caramel.

Mid Palate : Rich chocolate and toffee bar.

Finish : Long finish that ends in espresso & chocolate with notes of tobacco.

Proof : 45% ABV

Origin : Sonoma County, California, USA